Web mapping design, development and deploy We can design, develop and deploy the right web mapping solution for your business. We use Geoserver, OpenLayers and other high quality libraries to manage your geospatial data on the web. There is no additional price to get the source code. The source code will be always available.

COTS to FOSS Let’s move to the best quality open source software and true open geospatial file formats. We handle all the process to migrate from ESRI proprietary technologies to open source tools and open formats. We can migrate all your ArcIMS applications and ArcSDE data to more updated applications and formats; we provide training and support to migrate from ArcGIS to QGIS.

Migrate proprietary databases Why you should use Postgresql+PostGIS? Because it is the best solution. We can migrate ORACLE and MS SQL Server to Postgresql + PostGIS (both data and stored procedures).

IT Infrastructure The IT infrastructure should be… invisible! Let the server’s problems be handled by professionals in a more cost-effectively way. The cloud is not only less expensive over time: it increses security, flexibility and agility.